• Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Lug Type, 232 PSI, LD-7080

    The NIBCO® lug type butterfly valve provides bi-directional dead-end service without a downstream flange, and bubble-tight shutoff at 232PSI to meet today's higher pressure demands. The valve performs well in isolation and throttling applications, commercial, some light industrial process, and a range of chemical applications.
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    • Valve pressure rating 232 psi
    • EPDM Seat 32°F to 212°F
    • Lug style
    • EPDM molded-in seat liner
    • Ductile Iron - Nylon Coated
    • Stainless Steel Stem
    • Bronze Bushings
    • Extended neck
    • Gear Operated
    • Not recommended for steam service
    • Designed to meet MSS SP-67
    • MSS SP-25 (markings)
    • Size range 14" to 60"
    SizeDescriptionUPCNIBCO #Prop 65
    14LD70805M 14 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407726NLGK36MT
    2 1/2LD70803 21/2 LG/EPDM/NYL 16 BAR LEVER(I)039923296016NLGK33E
    52LD70807 52 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392954NLGK355AO
    32LD70806 32 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923392992NLGK352AM
    42LD70805M 42 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407818NLGK36M0
    8LD70807 8 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ON/OFF I039923365934NLGK35LAO
    6LD70807 6 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ON/OFF I039923365927NLGK35KAO
    20LD70805M 20 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407757NLGK36MW
    30LD70805M 30 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407788NLGK36MR
    5LD70803 5 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR LEVER (I)039923296047NLGK33J
    18LD70806 18 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365873NLGK35VAM
    12LD70806 12 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365842NLGK35NAM
    12LD70807 12 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365958NLGK35NAO
    36LD70806 36 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923393005NLGK35ZAM
    4LD70803 4 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR LEVER (I)039923296030NLGK33H
    2LD70807 2 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923159861NLGK35DAO
    2LD70803 2 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR LEVER (I)039923296009NLGK33D
    52LD70806 52 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923393036NLGK355AM
    32LD70807 32 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392916NLGK352AO
    5LD70805M 5 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407672NLGK36MJ
    14LD70807 14 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365965NLGK35TAO
    14LD70806 14 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365859NLGK35TAM
    30LD70807 30 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392909NLGK351AO
    54LD70805M 54 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407832NLGK36M4
    24LD70807 24 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923366009NLGK35XAO
    6LD70806 6 LUG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365811NLGK35KAM
    28LD70805M 28 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407771NLGK36MP
    8LD70806 8 LUG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365828NLGK35LAM
    10LD70806 10 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365835NLGK35MAM
    8LD70805M 8 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407696NLGK36ML
    28LD70807 28 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392893NLGK35PAO
    42LD70806 42 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923393012NLGK353AM
    36LD70807 36 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392923NLGK35ZAO
    48LD70806 48 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923393029NLGK354AM
    4LD70807 4 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ON/OFF I039923365903NLGK35HAO
    3LD70807 3 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923159885NLGK35FAO
    10LD70805M 10 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407702NLGK36MM
    18LD70807 18 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365989NLGK35VAO
    32LD70805M 32 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407795NLGK36MQ
    16LD70807 16 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365972NLGK35UAO
    48LD70805M 48 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407825NLGK36M1
    16LD70805M 16 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407733NLGK36MU
    18LD70805M 18 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407740NLGK36MV
    12LD70805M 12 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407719NLGK36MN
    20LD70806 20 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365880NLGK35WAM
    3LD70806 3 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923159939NLGK35FAM
    4LD70806 4 LUG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365798NLGK35HAM
    5LD70807 5 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ON/OFF I039923365910NLGK35JAO
    28LD70806 28 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923392978NLGK35PAM
    5LD70806 5 LUG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365804NLGK35JAM
    3LD70805M 3 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407658NLGK36MF
    36LD70805M 36 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407801NLGK36MZ
    60LD70805 60 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923296115NLGK355
    4LD70805M 4 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407665NLGK36MH
    2 1/2LD70805M 21/2 LGEPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407641NLGK36ME
    24LD70805M 24 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407764NLGK36MX
    26LD70806 26 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923392961NLGK35YAM
    2LD70805M 2 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407634NLGK36MD
    26LD70807 26 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392886NLGK35YAO
    42LD70807 42 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392930NLGK353AO
    30LD70806 30 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923392985NLGK351AM
    24LD70806 24 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365897NLGK35XAM
    28LD70800 28 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR BARE (I)039923282064NLGK30P
    3LD70803 3 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR LEVER (I)039923296023NLGK33F
    32LD70800 32 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR BARE (I)039923282088NLGK30Q
    60LD70805M 60 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407849NLGK36M5
    6LD70805M 6 LUG/EPDM/NYL16 BAR G/O/MEM I039923407689NLGK36MK
    10LD70807 10 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365941NLGK35MAO
    26LD70805 26 LUG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR G/O (I)039923427823NLGK35O
    20LD70807 20 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923365996NLGK35WAO
    48LD70807 48 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT ONOFF I039923392947NLGK354AO
    2LD70806 2 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD I039923159892NLGK35DAM
    6LD70803 6 LG/EPDM/NYLON 16 BAR LEVER (I)039923296054NLGK33K
    16LD70806 16 LG EPDM/NYL 16BAR ACT MOD (I)039923365866NLGK35UAM
    2LD70800 2 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295897NLGK30D
    2LD70805 2 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923422309NLGK35D
    2 1/2LD70800 2.5 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923295903NLGK30E
    2 1/2LD70805 2.5 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923422316NLGK35E
    3LD70805 3 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923422330NLGK35F
    3LD70800 3 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295910NLGK30F
    4LD70800 4 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295927NLGK30H
    4LD70805 4 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923422347NLGK35H
    5LD70800 5 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295934NLGK30J
    6LD70805 6 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923296061NLGK35K
    6LD70800 6 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295958NLGK30K
    8LD70800 8 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295965NLGK30L
    10LD70800 10 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923295989NLGK30M
    12LD70800 12 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923295996NLGK30N
    14LD70805 14 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923289728NLGK35T
    14LD70800 14 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923296337NLGK30T
    16LD70805 16 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923289735NLGK35U
    16LD70800 16 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923296344NLGK30U
    18LD70800 18 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI BARE039923296351NLGK30V
    18LD70805 18 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923289742NLGK35V
    20LD70800 20 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923296368NLGK30W
    20LD70805 20 LUG/EPM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923289759NLGK35W
    24LD70800 24 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923296375NLGK30X
    24LD70805 24 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923289766NLGK35X
    30LD70800 30 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923282071NLGK30Y
    30LD70805 30 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923282132NLGK35Y
    36LD70800 36 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923282095NLGK30Z
    36LD70805 36 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923282187NLGK35Z
    42LD70800 42 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923282101NLGK300
    42LD70805 42 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923282194NLGK350
    48LD70800 48 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923282118NLGK301
    48LD70805 48 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923282309NLGK351
    52LD70800 52 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923400116NLGK302Lead
    52LD70805 52 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923398864NLGK352Lead
    54LD70800 54 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923398840NLGK304Lead
    60LD70800 60 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSIBARE039923398857NLGK305Lead
    54LD70805 54 LUG/EPDM/NYL 16BAR/232PSI GOP039923296108NLGK354

    NIBCO® Pressure Rated Valves Warranty

    Applicable to NIBCO INC. Pressure Rated Metal Valves

    NIBCO INC. warrants each NIBCO® pressure rated metal valve to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years from date put into service.

    In the event any defect occurs which the owner believes is covered by this warranty, the owner should immediately contact NIBCO Technical Services, either in writing or by telephone at 1.888.446.4226 or 1.574.295.3000. The owner will be instructed to return said product, at the owner’s expense, to NIBCO INC., or an authorized representative for inspection. In the event said inspection discloses to the satisfaction of NIBCO INC. that said valve is defective, it will be replaced at the expense of NIBCO INC.. Replacements shall be shipped free of charge to the owner. In the event of the replacement of any valve, NIBCO INC. shall further pay the owner the greater of twenty-five (25%) percent of the price of the valve according to the published suggested list price schedule of NIBCO INC. in effect at the time of purchase, or ten ($10.00) dollars, to apply on the cost of the installation of said replacement valve.


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    Pressure Rated Valves

    State quantity, figure number and size for each valve or fitting you wish to order. See individual catalog pages for specific product designations.

    NIBCO® valves and fittings are decimal packed for your convenience in handling, shipping and stock-keeping. Number in master carton varies with item.


    No NIBCO® valves and fittings are to be returned without prior written agreement. Transportation must be prepaid. A 20% charge will be made to cover cost of rehandling and reinspection.  


    Engineers, contractors, wholesalers or manufacturers may obtain special or technical assistance from any factory representative of NIBCO. Write, fax or phone.

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