• Green Products

    NIBCO Green Product Offering  

    As the demand for building green homes and commercial buildings continues to grow, NIBCO is committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer and leader in the flow control industry. It's our past and it is our future!

    Green products from NIBCO are those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

    Below are NIBCO products which meet this criteria!



    Recyclable contentEnergy EfficientRegional ManufacturingImproved air qualityWater Conservation  
    • NIBCO® PEX Radiant floor heating reduces energy consumption and costs
    • NIBCO PEX requires no flame, solder or flux to install resulting in zero VOC emissions
    • NIBCO PEX has excellent thermal properties – hot water stays hot and cold water stays cold

    NEW! The NIBCO PEX Home Run Manifold System delivers hot water quickly minimizing waste versus traditional branch and tee systems.



    NIBCO Press
    RecyclableRecyclable contentImproved air qualityWater Conservation  
    NIBCO Press System  
    • No flame technology means zero VOC emissions during installation
    • Copper press fittings made of copper, which is 100% recyclable
    • Environmentally clean



    NIBCO Commercial Valves
    Regional ManufacturingRecyclableRecyclable contentImproved air qualityEnergy Efficient  
    NIBCO Green Commercial Valves  
    • Full port technologies in ball valves allow for maximum system efficiency
    • Circuit balancing, butterfly and ball valves are used in balancing an efficient HVAC system while providing a comfortable indoor temperature
    • NIBCO valves are made of recycled content and can be recycled
    • NIBCO operates regional foundries in Texas, Arkansas and Mexico



    Plastic Fittings
    Regional ManufacturingRecyclableEnergy Efficient  
    NIBCO Plastic Fittings  
    • Total energy required to manufacture, transport and install a plastic piping system is considerably less than most non-plastic systems
    • Plastic piping materials have low thermal conductivity resulting in less heat loss
    • All thermoplastics have the ability to be recycled and reused
    • Plastics durability and corrosion-resistance to last for decades make it a sustainable choice