• Role Models

    Rex Speaking

    Lunch with the Executive Leadership Team

    Several times a year, all World Headquarters associates are invited to have lunch with a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Each lunch focuses on getting to know one of the Vice Presidents. Associates submit questions ahead of time to be answered during the lunch. This lunch is a great way for associates to understand our strategy, vision, mission and values.


    Woman's Leadership

    Women's Leadership Group

    Alice Martin, Vice Chairman and Chief People Officer, organized the Women's Group, representing women who are leaders in the company from all NIBCO locations. Throughout the year the Women's Initiative at World Headquarters gather for luncheon presentations that are geared to helping NIBCO women achieve career success.

    Annually, the Women's Group is invited to an off-site conference with external guest speakers as well as Executive Leadership Team presentations. Each woman gives a presentation on women's leadership and strategies for successful careers. This event is a great training and learning opportunity, where women across NIBCO can network and grow.


    Mentor Program

    30 Day New Associate Mentor Program

    All new associates are assigned a NIBCO mentor who gets them acclimated to their job, to the corporate culture and to the Elkhart area.