• Retirement

    Associates are given opportunities to save for their futures so they are well prepared for a comfortable retirement.

    NIBCO provides associates with two accounts for investment opportunities: 401(k) and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


    All Associates are Owners

    Employee Stock Ownership Program is a retirement plan that is designed to invest in NIBCO company stock. The Company provides annual contribution in the ESOP to all NIBCO associates. All associates are automatically enrolled in the ESOP after one year with the Company.


    401 MatchRetirement Buckets

    Company Provided 401(k) Match

    NIBCO associates are eligible to enroll in the 401(k) after three months of service. NIBCO associates have many different investment opportunities for their 401(k) elections, one of which includes NIBCO stock. As an added benefit, NIBCO has always provided a company paid match to associate contributions in the 401(k).