• Recognition

    Recognition programs are ingrained in the culture at NIBCO. Recognizing and rewarding associates is considered not only "the right thing to do" but critical to keeping our talented associates who make NIBCO successful.

    25 Year Club

    The 25 Year Club recognizes NIBCO associates with 25 years or more of service. The club has over 300 members, more than 15% of our total workforce. These associates are recognized at annual ceremonies held at each location. Ceremonies commemorate associates who are achieving 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 year milestones. Associates receive awards at each of these milestones, culminating with a personally engraved grandfather clock at 50 years. Each location also has an off-site, fun event to the theatre or a sporting event each year.

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    Wellness Victory Award


    Wellness Victory Awards celebrate associates who have committed to "heroic health" changes. NIBCO associates are given great opportunities at work to make healthy choices due to our strong Wellness Program. Winners receive $500 cash and a Wellness Victory trophy. To win, an associate must accomplish a substantial wellness success such as weight loss, quitting smoking, or significant ongoing exercise. The associate must have the courage to share their story with their NIBCO family.

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    Associate Recognition of Excellence Awards


    The most prestigious recognition award is an A.R.E. Award. The Wall of Fame plaque is displayed in the hallway at World Headquarters that shows the recipients of Associate Recognition of Excellence Awards. There are three types of A.R.E. Awards – all are named for NIBCO's previous presidents. Each award winner receives an individual personalized crystal Star Tower Award, a personalized gold ring, and $5,000 cash.

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    Rex Award

    The Rex Martin Award – for the person or group whose project improves NIBCO's business through either a safety improvement, cost reduction or increased sales initiative.

    Rex Martin is our current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has been with the company for 37 years.

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    Lee Award  

    The Lee Martin Award – for the person or group whose project most exemplifies Lee Martin's steadfast drive for excellence in a manufacturing process innovation. Individuals or teams are selected for creating a new process or product innovation that reduced cost, improved safety and/or increased sales.

    Lee Martin was our third president and led NIBCO for 29 years.

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    Ross Award  

    The Ross Martin Award - for the salesperson who sells the most new products during the year. The Ross Martin Award rewards the sales person with the same drive and determination Ross had to grow our company.

    Ross Martin was our second president and led the company for 30 years.

    Ross Award