• PEX Crimp Jaws, PCX-1M, PCX-2M, PCX-3M, PCX-6M, PCX-7M

    PEX Crimp Jaws
    The NIBCO® PEX crimp jaws for Mini Pressing Tools PC-210M and PC-10M are used to make a connection between NIBCO PEX and copper crimp rings and copper sleeves. The crimp jaws, used with the mini pressing tool, mechanically crimps fittings and valves onto PEX tubing to create a watertight, permanent seal. Includes go-no-go gauge. The compact design is easy to handle and easy to use in tight spaces. Please refer to NIBCO technical data sheets and catalogs for engineering and installation information. Available in 1/2", 3/4", 5/8", 1" and 1-1/4" sizes.

    • Sizes 1/2", 3/4", 5/8", 1" and 1-1/4"
    SizeDescriptionUPCNIBCO #
    1/2PCX-1M 1/2" CRIMP JAW FOR PC-10M039923274076R00215PCX
    5/8PCX-6M 5/8" CRIMP JAW FOR PC-10M039923274106R00240PCX
    3/4PCX-2M 3/4" CRIMP JAW FOR PC-10M039923274083R00220PCX
    1PCX-3M 1" CRIMP JAW FOR PC-10M039923274090R00230PCX
    1 1/4PCX-7M 1 1/4" CRIMP JAW FOR PC-10M039923274113R00250PCX

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